Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Talking the talk

Bennies will be given for proper use of the lingo:


# ace
( n ) One dollar bill. Let's eat out tonight; I have a couple of aces burning a hole in my pocket.

# all wet
( ap ) Wrong. You're all wet. The New York Giants didn't win the 1937 World Series.

# And how!
( int ) An interjection of strong agreement. Did I have a good time? And how!.

# Applesauce!
( int ) Nonsense! Applesauce! The New York Yankees won the 1937 World Series.

# attaboy
( int ) Well done! Attaboy, Greg. You show them!

# attagirl
( int ) Well done! Attagirl, Gwen. You show them!

# ax
( n ) Dismissal from work. The fourth time they caught her sleeping on the job, Constance Noring was given the ax.

# ax
( v ) To fire. He just got axed from his third job this week.

# baby
( n ) Sweetheart. She's my baby and I'd do anything for her.

# balled up
( adj ) Confused. Rodney's all balled up; he doesn't know if he is coming or going.

# baloney
( n ) Nonsense! That's a lot of baloney and you know it! None of it is true.

# bearcat
( n ) A sexy or seductive woman. Man, that Cindy Lou is a lot of fun! What a bearcat that woman is!

# beat one's gums
( vp ) To talk. We were just sitting around, beating our gums about nothing.

# beef
( n ) A complaint. Why are you complaining? What's your beef?

# beef
( v ) To complain. Stop beefing about the curfew; you can't do anything about it.

# bee's knees
( np ) Something excellent, outstanding. Mavis, that new perfume you got is the bee's knees!

# beeswax
( n ) Business. What's my name? None of your beeswax.

# bell-bottom
( n ) A sailor. She has dated every bell-bottom in San Diego.

# big cheese
( np ) An important person. He thinks that he is a big cheese just because he has a new Oldsmobile.

# big shot
( np ) An important person. He thinks that he is a big shot just because he drives around in a Caddie.

# big six
( np ) A strong man. He's a big six in my book any day.

# bird
( n ) An eccentric. You never know what that old bird is going to do next.

# blind date
( np ) A date you have never met before. The bonehead never went out on blind dates because he thought they were with girls who couldn't see.

# bluenose
( n ) A puritanical person, a prude. The party was filled with so many prudes and bluenoses nobody had any fun.

# boocoo
( adj ) Much, a lot. I don't have boocoo time to help you with that.

# boocoos
( n ) A large amount. I had boocoos of money before the market crashed.

# booger
( n ) A bit of dried nasal mucus. Hey, Jeremiah, you have a booger hanging from your nose.

# bootleg
( adj ) Illegal, smuggled. His dad made enough money running bootleg liquor to open a bank before Prohibition ended.

# bozo
( n ) A stupid or foolish person. That bozo doesn't know ham from a hammer.

# breezer
( n ) A convertible car. Let's put the top down on the breezer and let the wind blow through our hair.

# Bronx cheer
( np ) Blowing air through the closed lips to make a disgusting sound. When he cut in front of the taxi, he received a Bronx cheer from the cabbie.

# Buddy Roe
( int ) A threatening form of address for a male in the South. Look out, Buddy Roe, or you'll get into trouble!

# bug
( n ) A burglar alarm system. He was caught when he broke into a house that was bugged.

# bull session
( np ) An informal conversation. The boys got together at Raphael's for an all-night bull-session.

# bump off
( v ) To kill. The boss thought we ought to bump off the informer.

# bum's rush
( np ) Ejection by force. Stanley became so obnoxious, we had to give him the bum's rush to get him out.

# canned
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. The woman is canned; have her husband take her home.

# caper
( n ) A crime. Sturgeon thought he was a master mind but the cops caught up with him after 4 or 5 capers.

# carry a torch
( vp ) To love someone. Maxwell's carrying a torch for Madeleine.

# cat's meow
( np ) Something excellent, outstanding. Wow, Kathleen! That new hat is the cat's meow.

# cat's pajamas
( np ) Something excellent, outstanding. I hear LaVern's new Duisenberg is the cat's pajamas.

# chassis
( n ) The female figure. She is a lovely lady with a classy chassis.

# cheaters
( n ) Eyeglasses. He can't see past the end of his nose without his cheaters.

# clam
( n ) A dollar. Hey, this suit cost me 20 clams!

# clip
( v ) To steal. He clips something every time he goes into a store.

# copacetic
( adj ) OK, alright. Everything between me and my baby is copacetic.

# corked
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. Lorimar is too corked to go home alone.

# crackers
( adj ) Crazy, insane. He offered me $250 for my Stutz-Bearcat. He must be crackers!

# crush
( n ) An infatuation. She has a crush on her teacher and spends all day studying biology.

# daddy
( n ) A rich male protector who usually expects favors from his female charge. Tillie has a (sugar) daddy who takes care of all her bills.

# dame
( n ) A female (offensive). She's a swell dame; I like her a lot.

# date
( n ) A person of the opposite sex you go out with. I have a hot date tonight, so I won't be able to go out with you guys.

# dead soldier
( n ) An empty beer bottle. They were in the living room surrounded by a case of dead soldiers.

# dick
( n ) A private investigator. Sally hired a private dick to tail her husband.

# dive
( n ) A cheap bar. I wouldn't drink any of the hooch they serve in that dive.

# dog
( n ) A foot. Boy, are my dogs tired!

# doll
( n ) An attractive female. Maria was quite a doll when she dressed up.

# Don't take any wooden nickels
( phr ) Don't do anything stupid. When you go to the big city, Luke, don't take any wooden nickels.

# doozy
( n ) Something excellent, outstanding. He came home with a doozy of a knot on his head.

# dumb Dora
( np ) A stupid female. What a dumb Dora she is: when her husband asked if she like the new China, she replied, 'No, I hate the communists.'.

# dynamite
( n ) Heroine. He is a lovely man but they say he is addicted to dynamite.

# earful
( n ) A significant statement. When Russell came home plastered, his wife gave him an earful that he will never forget.

# edge
( n ) State of drunkenness, intoxication. Let's go; I'm getting an edge.

# egg
( n ) A person who lives well. Oh, you never want to miss Lucien's parties; he's a very good egg.

# embalmed
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. Lance was so embalmed that he didn't come to as they rolled him down the hill to the car.

# fall guy
( np ) A scapegoat. The dumped all the evidence in Preston's locker, deciding to let him be the fall guy.

# fin
( n ) 5-dollar bill. Hey, Wayland, loan me a fin until payday.

# fire extinguisher
( np ) A chaperone. Priscilla was so hot, she could never go out without a fire extinguisher.

# fish
( n ) A college freshman. Hey, guys, the freshman looks like a fish out of water; let's make him water the shrubbery in the rain.

# fix
( n ) A bribe, bribery. The cops never pick up Joey because the fix is in.

# fix
( v ) To bribe. Barney fixed the judge in his case, so he got off Scot free.

# flapper
( n ) An exciting woman in short, stylish skirts and short hair. In her youth Purity was one of the best known flappers in town.

# flat
( adj ) Out of air. The cause of the jostling was a flat tire.

# flat tire
( np ) A stupid female. I took that flat tire out once--never again!

# flivver
( n ) A Model T Ford. Sure, he's hot: he took me out in his dad's flivver.

# fly boy
( np ) An aviator, someone in the Air Force. Prunella is going with some fly boy out at the base.

# frame
( n ) To give false evidence. My best friend tried to frame me for flushing the cherry bomb down the john by putting the rest of them in my locker.

# fried
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He was so fried we rolled him to the car and he never came to.

# gam
( n ) A woman's leg. She has a great figure and even greater gams.

# get a wiggle on
( vp ) Speed up. We're going to be late for the ballet--get a wiggle on!

# giggle-water
( np ) Liquor or other alcoholic beverage. He poured me a glass of some kind of giggle water and that's the last thing I remember.

# gigolo
( n ) A kept man who lives off women. His mother has a gigolo that she spends a lot of time with.

# gin mill
( np ) A bar. She dragged me down to some gin mill where her sister sang and hoofed.

# glad rags
( np ) Dressy clothes. Hey, Daisy, put on some glad rags and I'll take you to a ritzy night club.

# gold digger
( n ) A female after a man's money. She doesn't love him; she is just a gold-digger after his money.

# gold-digger
( n ) A woman trying to marry a wealthy man. Do you really love me or are you just another gold-digger after my money?

# goofy
( adj ) Crazy, insane. He gone goofy over Alice.

# grand
( n ) A thousand dollars. His salary is twenty grand a month.

# guy
( n ) A fellow. That guy's been in a lot of trouble, (bloke).

# handcuff
( n ) An engagement ring. I love the woman but she'll never get the handcuff on me.

# hard-boiled
( adj ) Tough and cold. Harry's a hard-boiled cop who doesn't take anything from anybody.

# hayburner
( n ) A gas-guzzling car. He has a cool set of wheels but his dad drives a hayburner.

# hayburner
( n ) A horse that never wins a race. Don't talk to me; I just lost a week's salary on a hayburner at the track.

# heat
( n ) A gun. Watch out for John, he's strapped with heat.

# heater
( n ) A gun. The mobster had a lump in his coat that suggested a heater.

# heebie-jeebies
( n ) Nervousness. Just thinking about the dentist gives me the heebie-jeebies.

# heist
( n ) An armed robbery. There was a heist at the bank today.

# hick
( n ) A clumsy, unsophisticated person from the country. Patsy is dating some hick who wears a straw hat.

# high-hat
( v ) To snub someone. When I asked her out, she high-hatted me and walked away.

# hit on all sixes
( vp ) To perform perfectly. We lost last night because our star player was not hitting on all sixes.

# hit the road
( vp ) To leave. Man, it's 11 o'clock; time for us to hit the road.

# hood
( n ) A hoodlum, gangster. It is a nice neighborhood except for a couple of hoods who live down the block.

# hoofer
( n ) A dancer. He's dating some hoofer at Radio City Hall.

# hook
( v ) To addict. They say Zelda is hooked on heroine.

# Hoopty-doo!
( int ) An interjection of celebration. Hoopty-doo! Fred got a promotion and a big raise!

# horse
( v ) To play with carelessly. I don't have time to horse around; let's get down to business.

# horse feathers
( int ) Nonsense. Horse feathers! You never dated Clara Bow!

# hot
( adj ) Fast (music). I like my jazz hot, not cool.

# hot
( adj ) Electrically charged or radioactive. He accidentally picked up a hot wire and got a shock.

# hot seat
( np ) The electric chair. Marcus got the hot seat for murder.

# hotsy-totsy
( adj ) Seemingly excellent, outstanding. He thinks that just because he drives some hotsy-totsy Stutz Bearcar, he's the cat's meow.

# hype
( n ) Hypodermic needle. If you aren't on drugs, why are all these hypes in your room?

# hype
( v ) To swindle by overcharging or short-changing. I think they hyped me back there at the store.

# it
( n ) Sex appeal. Whatever it.

# jack
( n ) Money. He's a nice-looking guy but he doesn't have enough

# jalopy
( n ) An old, beat-up car. Where did you get that old

# jane
( n ) Any female. He picked up some

# java
( n ) Coffee. Give me a cup of

# jazz
( v ) To enhance, make more decorative. He

# jazzed
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. Get him out of here; he's totally

# jive
( n ) Fast jazz of the 20s-30s. I know a little club where they play jive until 2 in the morning.

# jive
( v ) To mislead, deceive. Don't try to jive me, man. I know what's what.

# jive
( v ) To play fast jazz of the 20s-30s. He had a group that would jive all night.

# jive
( n ) Worthless, crazy, or unpleasant talk. Don't talk that jive to me, turkey; I don't believe a word you say.

# joe
( n ) Coffee. Give me a cup of joe, Joe, and a piece of Mabel's crabapple pie or whatever it is.

# john
( n ) A toilet or the toilet. When he flushed the john, he was surprised to see his cap disappearing down the hole.

# juice joint
( n ) A speakeasy. For five years Myrtle ran a juice-joint until they caught her for selling bootleg hootch.

# killjoy
( n ) A squelcher. My parents are killjoys who don't want me to wear so many beads.

# kisser
( n ) Mouth. Watch what you say, Bub, or I'll pop you one in the kisser.

# kosher
( adj ) Fair. Well, the deal to trade your car for his motorcycle doesn't sound kosher to me.

# level
( n ) Honest, truthful. Level with me: did you really take Jeanette MacDonald out?

# line
( n ) Flirtatious talk designed to pick up a date. He fed me this line about how many banks he owned which didn't work when I saw the jalopy he was driving.

# lit
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He came home lit and fell into bed like a rock.

# make whoopee
( v ) To hug and kiss. They were making whoopee in his Model-T Ford.

# Mrs. Grundy
( np ) A priggish or prudish person. She is such a Mrs. Grundy that she refuses to go into the water.

# night owl
( np ) A person who stays out late. Bertram is a night owl who seldom gets up before noon.

# Now you're on the trolley!
( phr ) Now you have caught on. Yeah, Yeah! Monday comes BEFORE Tuesday. Now you're on the trolley!

# nudnik
( n ) An irritating person. Get that nudnik out of here; I can't stand her.

# off the deep end
( pp ) To lose control of yourself, go crazy. Billy Ray went off the deep end when his wife left him.

# oil can
( n ) A stupid female. I took that oil can out once--never again!

# old man
( n ) Father. His old man won't let him drive the car.

# on the lam
( pp ) Fleeing from the law. Morgan was on the lam for five years, then spent five more in the joint.

# on the level
( pp ) Honest, truthful. On the level, now, did you take Mary Pickford out to supper?

# on the make
( pp ) Flirting, looking for someone to seduce. The way she is talking to all the men looks like she is on the make.

# on the up and up
( pp ) Honest, truthful. I think he is on the up and up when he says he owns 27 banks.

# ossified
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He was so ossified we had to drag him to the car.

# over the edge
( pp ) Crazy, insane. I think another bit of bad news would push Billy Ray over the edge.

# owled
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He was so owled we had to drag him to the car.

# palooka
( n ) A strong male. I'm just waiting for the right palooka to come along and sweep me off my feet.

# pet
( v ) To hug and kiss. They must be in love; I saw them petting at the drive-in last night.

# pig
( n ) Glutton. He is a pig at parties.

# piker
( n ) A cheapskate. The piker always makes me pay for the gas.

# pill
( n ) An unlikable person. She is a bitter pill to take with her uppity attitude and all.

# pinch
( v ) To capture or arrest. I heard Sedgewick got pinched for shoplifting.

# pip
( n ) Something excellent, outstanding. Gwendolyn always pays the bill; she's a pip.

# pipe down
( v ) Be quiet. Pipe down! I want to hear what the president is saying.

# plastered
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He was so plastered we had to roll him down the embankment to the car.

# pop
( v ) To hit. Shut up or I will pop you.

# potted
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He was so potted we had to drag him to the car.

# primed
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He was so primed we had to pull him to the car in my kid brother's wagon.

# pull rank
( vp ) To force someone to do something because you have the authority to do so. I didn't want to go but the boss pulled rank on me and made me.

# punk
( n ) A young hooligan. All the punks in the neighborhood hang out at the pool hall.

# punk out
( v ) To back out from cowardice. We were going over Niagara Falls in a barrel but Jason punked out.

# pushover
( n ) A person easily convinced. Ask Zelda for 5 bucks: she's such a pushover, she'll give it to you.

# put on the Ritz
( vp ) To do something in high style. I just got my bonus--tonight we're putting on the Ritz.

# queen
( n ) A male homosexual. He is a lovely old queen who would do anything for you.

# rag
( n ) Newspaper. We get very little international news in our local rag.

# razz
( v ) To tease, make fun of. The baseball fans started to razz the umpire.

# red hot
( ap ) Exciting. Your idea is really red hot.

# ritzy
( adj ) Luxurious. She expected to be taken to a ritzy uptown club, not to a dive in the Bronx.

# rube
( n ) A clumsy, unsophisticated person from the country. I must have looked like some rube when I signed the contract to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

# rubes
( n ) Money. I have to stay home tonight: no rubes.

# sap
( v ) To hit, to club. The police sapped all the strikers and chased them away.

# sap
( n ) A stupid person. Don't be a sap! If it looks too good to be true, it isn't.

# Says you!
( int ) An interjection of disbelief. It's going to rain tomorrow? Says you!

# scram
( v ) To leave. You're getting on my nerves, so. scram!

# scrooched
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. You came home totally scrooched last night; don't ever talk to me again.

# shack up
( v ) To sleep with someone at a hotel or motel. Claudia shacked up with her husband's business partner.

# Sheba
( n ) A sexy or seductive woman. She is just the Sheba I've been waiting for.

# sheik
( n ) A sexy man. Who is the sheik I saw her with last Friday?

# shiv
( n ) A knife. If you are popular, why do you think you have to keep a shiv in your pocket all the time?

# sinker
( n ) A doughnut. Hey, Joe! Give me a cup of joe and a couple of those week-old sinkers over there.

# slay
( phr ) Be very funny. What a story! You just slay me, Ferdie!

# slum
( v ) To go to a bad side of town. So what brings you to this side of town? Are you slumming?

# smoke
( v ) To kill. The mob didn't like him muscling in on their territory, so they smoked him.

# speakeasy
( n ) An illicit bar selling bootleg liquor. Ebenezer ran a speakeasy until the cops discovered it and broke it up.

# spifflicated
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. You're so spifflicated you can barely walk; you certainly can't drive.

# steady
( n ) Boyfriend or girlfriend. Natalie's steady is a hunk who works as a lifeguard at the beach.

# steam up
( v ) To make angry, mad. Don't get so steamed up over the issue.

# stick
( v ) Keep (contemptuous rejection). You can take your job and stick it.

# Stick 'em up!
( phr ) Raise your hands. Drop that gun and stick 'em up!

# struggle buggy
( np ) The backseat of a car. The struggle buggy is a parent's worst nightmare.

# stuck on
( adj ) To be in love with. I think Arnold is stuck on his secretary.

# swanky
( adj ) Luxurious. They spent the night in a swanky hotel with a ritzy restaurant on the top floor.

# sweetie
( n ) A term of affection for a female. Check out the sweetie by the bar.

# swell
( adj ) Excellent, outstanding. Thanks for helping out, Eula, you're really swell.

# take
( v ) To swindle or cheat. He was taken for all his money at the casino.

# take for a ride
( vp ) To drive someone away to kill. The capo ordered that the informer be taken for a ride.

# The bank is closed
( phr ) No kissing or hugging. I like you, Mac, but tonight the bank's closed.

# the berries
( n ) Something excellent, outstanding. You have to see the new exhibit at the art museum; it's the berries.

# the hair of the dog
( np ) A shot of an alcoholic drink to relieve a hangover. Wow, my head hurts! Give me a little hair of the dog that bit me and see if that helps.

# the real McCoy
( np ) Something genuine. That girl of his is not just good-looking; she's the real McCoy.

# torpedo
( n ) A hired killer. The torpedo she hired to off her husband turned out to be an undercover cop.

# twerp
( n ) Petty, immature brat. The little twerp told her mommie!

# twisted
( adj ) Perverted. I wouldn't go out with him; everyone says he is twisted.

# washed up
( adj ) Finished, done in. When the cops caught him, his criminal life was done in.

# wet blanket
( np ) A squelcher. Ralph is such a wet blanket, I doubt you can get him to go a party.

# wet rag
( np ) A squelcher. Arnold is such a wet rag he won't even dance.

# What's eating you?
( phr ) What is wrong with you? You don't want to see the Dodgers play? What's eating you?.

# Whoop-de-doo!
( int ) An Interjection of happy surprise. Our final has been cancelled? Whoopty-doo!

# whoopee
( n ) A good time. I've had a tough week. Let's go out and make some whoopie this weekend.

# whoopee
( n ) Hugging and kissing. They were in the living room making whoopie.

# whoopie!
( int ) An Interjection of happy surprise. Whoopie! Mama hit the jackpot!

# yahoo
( n ) A clumsy, unsophisticated person. Reba is going out with some yahoo from the sticks.

# zozzled
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. You're so zozzled you can't stand up.

# dumps
( n ) Depression, melancholy. His girl left him and now he is in the dumps.

# hot
( adj ) Electrically charged or radioactive. He accidentally picked up a hot wire and got a shock

# Jump in the lake!
( phr ) Don't bother me; you're crazy. You want me to loan you $5? Go jump in the lake!

# gravy train
( np ) A source of easy money. Boy, I wish I were a computer geek and could ride that gravy train.

# garden path, the
( np ) Misleading direction, deception. I'm afraid Grady has led you down the garden path, baby. You'll never get your money back.

# pooch
( n ) A dog. Hey, man! Where'd you get the cool pooch?

# conk
( v ) To hit. I think a brick must have fallen and conked Fuzzy on the noggin.

# hairy
( adj ) Crude, clumsy. Franklin made a hairy gesture and skiddooed.

# pick up
( v ) To try to get a stranger of the opposite sex to go home with you. Hey, let's go to the football game tonight and pick up a couple of girls.

# pick-up
( n ) You can always find pick-ups at a Hot 101 concert. You can always find pick-ups at a Hot 101 concert.

# hooey
( n ) Nonsense. All that stuff about inheriting a million dollars is just a lot of hooey.

# in hot water
( pp ) In trouble. As his wife had predicted months earlier, Bradley's gambling finally got him in hot water.

# hook
( n ) To get someone addicted to. I think Melvin is hooked on Gwendolyn; I saw her wearing his Yankees cap this morning.

# nerts
( adj ) Crazy, insane. You are completely nerts if you think I will go with you.

# bug-eyed
( adj ) Wide-eyed with astonishment. I've never seen anyone so bug-eyed as Turnips when I showed him the $100 bill.

# peg
( v ) Figure out, come to understand. I've got Randolph pegged: he's a dirty, rotten rat!

# lug
( n ) Coercion, pressure. He wouldn't pay until we put the lug on him.

# tearjerker
( n ) Sentimental story or movie. The TV series "Touched by an Angel" was a real tearjerker.

# booboisie
( n ) All boobs (knuckleheads) taken as a class. I'm never invited to Riley's parties: he only invites the cream of the local booboisie.

# potty
( adj ) Slightly crazy, insane. You must be potty to go out with that geek


# all nerves
( np ) Tense, nervous. By the time I got my convertible out of the car wash, I was all nerves.

# all-nighter
( n ) A restaurant that stays open all night. It was 3 AM but they found a little all-nighter on the corner where they could get a cup of java.

# bananas
( adj ) Crazy, insane. The guy went bananas when I asked him to leave.

# bang
( n ) Fun, pleasure. I get a bang out of bungee jumping.

# bash
( n ) A try, an attempt. Move back and let me have a bash at it.

# beat all
( vp ) Be outrageous. Doesn't that beat all?

# behind the 8 ball
( pp ) In trouble; disliked by someone. I forgot Mavis's birthday and now I'm behind the 8 ball.

# bent
( adj ) Upset, angry. After being bent for so many years, Barry is now a broken man.

# bill and coo
( v ) To hug and kiss. Don't you just love to bill and coo with your girl on the beach?

# blabbermouth
( n ) Someone who talks too much. That blabbermouth told my girlfriend that he saw me with another girl.

# blimp
( n ) A very fat person. I hate to have a blimp sitting next to me when I fly.

# boff
( v ) To hit. He gets into trouble at home when he boffs his brother.

# boogie-woogie
( n ) Jazz of the 30s and 40s. Boogie-woogie is really cutting the rug!

# boondoggle
( n ) A con game, a deceitful transaction. Government contracts are often thinly veiled boondoggles.

# boondoggle
( v ) To swindle or cheat. Heathcliff was boondoggled into selling his car for half of its value.

# broke
( adj ) Without money. I'm broke man; don't ask me for money.

# buck
( np ) Money. I need to make a quick buck.

# buddy
( int ) Form of address for a male in the South. Hey, buddy, can you spare a dime?

# burn up
( v ) Make angry, mad. That really burns me up!

# bust out
( v ) To escape. His mother and three of her buddies busted out of prison but was caught 3 days later.

# certifiable
( adj ) Crazy, insane. Stay away from that woman; she's 100 percent certifiable.

# chintzy
( adj ) Cheap. That really was a chintzy present you got him.

# cool
( v ) To kill. The mob cooled him a year or so ago.

# cracker
( n ) A white person (offensive). That cracker just doesn't get jive.

# cram
( v ) To study hard. He didn't study all semester and had to cram before exams.

# cuddle
( v ) To hug and kiss. Let's go over to my front porch and cuddle some.

# cut
( v ) To dilute. They cut the whiskey with water at that bar.

# dead
( adj ) Quiet. This disco is really dead tonight.

# deep pockets
( np ) Much money. Her boyfriend has deep pockets.

# dibs
( n ) A claim. I have dibs on the shotgun seat.

# dip
( n ) A stupid or foolish person. The guy who flunked four out of five classes is really a dip.

# drop
( v ) To knock down. Say another word and I'll drop you.

# Drop dead!
( int ) Absolutely not! Drop dead! I'll never go out with you.

# duds
( n ) Clothes. I see you got some new duds for the dance.

# fade
( v ) To leave. I have homework to do, man, let's fade.

# flivver
( n ) A broken down car. Stewart will never get me into that old flivver his father drives.

# gasser
( n ) A great time, something hilarious. The new comedy on TV is a real gasser.

# get first base
( vp ) Have initial success trying to seduce someone. He couldn't get to first base with her, let alone score.

# ginchy
( adj ) Sexy. She is the ginchiest girl I've ever seen.

# go bananas
( vp ) To lose control of yourself, go crazy. I am going to go bananas if I don't have a vacation soon.

# go steady
( vp ) To date only one person. They went steady for a year, then broke up.

# goof
( v ) Loaf, waste time. They used to goof on their way home from work.

# goon
( n ) A stupid thug or bodyguard. The mob boss was accompanied by a couple of his goons.

# guts
( n ) Courage. It takes a lot of guts to give the boss your true opinion.

# hep cat
( np ) A cool jazz-lover. Nathan is the hep cat who took me to Birdland for the first time.

# on the take
( pp ) Taking bribes. You'll have to find a judge on the take to get out of this one.

# history
( adj ) Over, done with. I don't have any idea where my old boyfriend is. He's history.

# hot
( adj ) Stolen. The police stopped them because they thought the car was hot.

# hot seat
( np ) A critical position with great pressure for success. Dwayne is in the hot seat now: if he doesn't make his quota, he is history.

# hotshot
( n ) A person who thinks he is very important. Look at Bud with his collar up; he thinks he is such a hotshot.

# keen
( adj ) Wanting to, excited about {British}. I'm keen to go to the motion pictures.

# keister
( n ) The buttocks. Llewelyn slipped on the wet floor and fell on his keister.

# lick
( n ) A short musical improvisation. He isn't that creative a trumpeter; he gets most of his licks from others.

# lightweight
( n ) Someone who cannot get things done. You don't want to give a job this important to a lightweight.

# Mack
( int ) Form of address for a male. Hey, Mack, where is the nearest truck stop?

# malarkey
( n ) Nonsense. He said he aced the chem exam. What malarkey!

# Mickey-Mouse
( adj ) Minor, unimportant. Boswell ran some Mickey-Mouse radio station in Florida for a few years.

# minxy
( adj ) Alluring, seductive. She is a totally minxy fox.

# Monday morning quarterback
( np ) Someone who offers advice when it is too late. Fritz is a Monday morning quarterback who is never there when you need him.

# mule
( n ) A carrier of illegal drugs. The cartel uses her as a mule to get their drugs into the country.

# nogoodnik
( n ) A bad or worthless person. So then the nogoodnik tramped across my clean kitchen floor in his muddy boots.

# odd ball
( np ) An eccentric. Freddie is a sort of odd ball who likes to take walks in the park.

# on edge
( pp ) Nervous. All this waiting to hear from the doctor has me on edge.

# P. I.
( abb ) A private investigator. Serena hired a P. I. to tail her husband.

# piece of cake
( n ) Something easy. Working on a computer for me is a piece of cake.

# pill
( n ) Anything difficult. Paying $1200 in taxes is a tough pill to take.

# puke
( v, n ) To vomit. I feel like I am going to puke.

# punch-drunk
( adj ) Crazy, insane. Don't listen to that punch-drunk bum; he's crazy.

# put a bee in your bonnet
( vp ) Tell something interesting. Why are you grinning? You look like somebody's put a bee in your bonnet.

# Put 'em up!
( vp ) To raise your hands. Drop that gun and put 'em up!

# put-on
( n ) A deception. It was an elaborate put-on which I almost believed.

# queer
( adj ) Counterfeit. Watch him; he's known for passing queer money.

# raunchy
( adj ) Dirty, grimy. Get out of those raunchy clothes and take bath.

# riot
( n ) A great time, something hilarious. The comedy program was a real riot.

# rip-snorter
( n ) Something excellent, outstanding. His party last night was a rip-snorter.

# rip-snorting
( adj ) Excellent, outstanding. Let me tell you, it was a rip-snorting party.

# scag
( n ) An ugly female (offensive). He was seen last night in a sketchy part of town with a scag.

# Shoot!
( int ) An interjection of disappointment (euphemism for s - - -). Shoot! I just ripped my pants.

# short
( n ) A car. He was trying to sell a hot short to a salesman on a car lot.

# shotgun wedding
( np ) A wedding forced by pregnancy. The marriage didn't last because it started out in a shotgun wedding.

# skip
( v ) To miss, to not attend. Let's skip chemistry today and go to the library.

# slap-happy
( adj ) Crazy, insane. Roland has been slap-happy ever since he left the ring.

# snoot
( n ) Nose. She popped him on the snoot.

# So what?
( int ) I don't care. So, Nellie got into Smith. So what?.

# solid
( adj ) Excellent, outstanding. That bash at her house was solid!

# soup up
( v ) Increase the power and speed of a car. Sure, he wins the drag races: his car is souped up.

# soused
( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. He came home soused and his wife locked him out.

# speedo
( n ) Speedometer. The speedo was showing 35 mph but we seemed to be going much faster.

# spook
( v ) To scare, frighten. A snake spooked the horse and he threw his rider.

# spot
( v ) To loan. Could you spot me $10 until payday?

# squad car
( np ) Police car. There is no way out; the house is surrounded by squad cars.

# stick
( v ) Force someone to do something unpleasant. He left early and stuck me with cleaning up the house.

# tag along
( vp ) Come with. Mind if I tag along for the ride?

# take a hike
( v ) To leave. I am tired of all your complaining. Take a hike!

# the word
( n ) The latest news or gossip. Say, what's the word on Jenny?

# throw a bone
( vp ) Help out with something small. Look, if you make a lot of money, throw your old friend a bone.

# tied to an apron string
( vp ) Dominated by the wife or a woman. Fred can't go fishing on the weekend; he's tied to his wife's apron string.

# tomato
( n ) A female. That Shelly's one red hot tomato.

# torch
( n ) An arsonist, someone who starts fires illegally for money. Burnham Goode was a torch for the mob until the police collared him on the job.

# torch
( v ) To commit arson, to burn down illegally. I hear Burnham Goode torched his own restaurant for the insurance money.

# twit
( n ) Petty, immature brat. The little twit barfed all over her date at the pizza parlor.

# twit
( n ) Superficial person. She is such a twit who spends most of her time shopping.

# welch
( v ) To fail to meet an obligation. He welched on his promise to help paint my house.

# What's with you?
( phr ) What is wrong with you? Hey, what's with you, man. You're really bent.

# whiz
( n ) Talented person. He is a whiz at the computer.

# doodly-squat
( n ) A small, worthless amount The president doesn't know doodly-squat about running a country.

# lame-brain
( n ) A stupid or foolish person. This lame-brain thinks it is the Umpire State Building in New York.

# lame-brained
( adj ) Stupid or foolish. I've never heard such a lame-brained idea in my life.

# thingamajig
( n ) An object for which a name is unavailable. What was that thingamajig he was holding?

# fly
( v ) Be workable Your idea doesn't have legs; it won't fly.

# fly the coop
( vp ) To leave, elope, or escape. When he saw you coming up the walk, he flew the coop.

# drip
( n ) A weak, indecisive person. That drip doesn't know how to tie his shoes.

# spiv
( n ) Slick con man. Some worthless spiv married Myrtle, took her money, and left her.

# dish
( n ) Something you like. Playing quoits on a Sunday afternoon is not quite my cup of tea.

# dish (out)
( v ) To serve, to do something hard or harsh. Tommy isn't afraid of flamers; he can dish it out with the best of them.

# cup of tea
( np ) Something you like. Playing quoits on a Sunday afternoon is not quite my cup of tea.

# jitterbug
( n ) A nervous person. Calm down, Donny, don't be such a jitterbug.

# crunch
( n ) Climax, critical point. Bertie is someone you can count on in a crunch.

# pooch out
( v ) Stick out, protrude. Millie, why is your stomach pooching out like that?

# cheesecake
( n ) Photography of well-proportioned women. Betty Grable was a popular piece of cheesecake during World War II.

# gun
( v ) To accelerate something suddenly. When Pedro saw Maria down the road, he gunned his old jalopy.

# wrap up
( v ) To finalize, bring to an end. Merlyn wrapped up his presentation with a chorus of "Happy Days" played on the piano.

# plugged nickel
( np ) Something worthless. That car of his isn't worth a plugged nickel.

# payola
( n ) A bribe to promote a song on radio or TV. It is hard to believe that most of the songs we sing are popular only because disc jockeys received payola.

# savvy
( n ) Brains, intelligence Ask Jean-Phillippe; he has a lot of savvy when it comes to car engines.

# Yikes!
( int ) Interjection of surprise. Yikes! That was a close call!

# shot
( adj ) Tired, exhausted; worn out, broken down. I can't go anywhere tonight: me and my car are shot.

# nelly
( n ) Male homosexual That sweet old nelly wouldn't hurt a fly.

# jerk
( n ) A stupid or foolish person. The jerk kept hitting on my girl while I was in Iraq.

# bats
( adj ) Crazy, insane. You're completely bats if you think I'll lend you $5.

# crate
( n ) An old car or plane. You can always find some schnook to sell that old crate of yours to.

# lug
( n ) A thug. The big lug never forgets my birthday.

# snazzy
( adj ) Smart, stylish, nice looking. Did you see that snazzy new car Sue Barew is driving around in?

# corny
( adj ) Simple-minded, trite. I get so tired of Hugh Jeego's corny jokes I don't know what to do.

# boob
( n ) A stupid or foolish person That boob O'Reilly picked his nose three times at the dinner table.

# plonk
( n ) Cheap wine, wine of poor quality. Mable, we can't serve plonk with these bugers; they deserve better.

# groove
( n ) A situation in which you feel comfortable, competent. I just can do this, man; I'm not in my groove.

# hoo-ha
( n ) An uproar, commotion. Why all the hoo-ha over calling my secretary "Sweetie-pie"?

# scrag
( v ) To kill. Maxi got scragged in a car accident

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